This page is dedicated to the Advantages and Disadvantages of video games. Not all games have bad effects, some games are good. In this page I hope to show you this.



Puzzle games offer players to test their memory and problem solving skills, they also allow the player to improve these skills. Many gamers play these games to improve their ability to solve problems that may occur in other games. They use games in the Air Force to train pilots in an Aircraft simulator. They also use RTS (Real Time Strategy) games to teach them tactics that could be used in real life situations. There are also games for primary students to help them improve their numeracy and literacy skills. (E.G. cool math games, spellodrome, etc.)


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Another way games can help people is through the social aspect of them. Online gaming is like a group of people who all have something in common. This 'community' helps those who struggle to communicate with people in the real world. Most of the people you meet in games are usually nice people, and are there to talk to and will usually help you with problems and also help you to relax.

Online Gaming Boosts Players' Social Lives

Online Gaming Boosts Players' Social Lives


Online Safety

If the user/player hasn’t been told about online safety guide lines, they could give away personal details that could be harmful. Never let them give their personal information. If they are under age there is a slight possibility that they might become (depending on the game) violent, anti-social, obnoxious and a horrible person to be around.

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Several specific names have been given to video-game related health problems, for example PlayStation thumb, Nintendo-itis and acute Wii-itis; however, the literature does not seem to support these as truly separate disease entities


When people think of a bad game to play because of violence, they always think of GTA (Grand Theft Auto). GTA isn't a bad game it just depends on what you do in it. The same goes for most MMORPG, in RPG's (Role Playing Game) the player can choose what they want to do. They can either be a good or bad, so doesn't this make these just as bad. In MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) they play with or against other people around the world.